Группа Modern Talking

Группа Modern Talking, текст песни "Slowmotion"

My tears will never dry
Behind my painted smile
You are the nearest thing to heaven, girl
This world is not my home
Love in a danger zone
Some hearts are better left unbroken, girl

Slowmotion, baby
Hold on tight
Slow-slowmotion, baby
Deep inside
Slow-slowmotion, baby
I got hooked on you
(I know it isn't true)
Slowmotion, baby
Full of pride
Slow-slowmotion, baby
I have cried
Slow-slowmotion, baby
'Cause only love knows why
(I know I wanna die)

Good love can never die
Inside my love's alive
Take it of him, my babe
They just don't need
Just when I needed you most
Oh, babe, God only knows
I'm lost without your love in me, baby

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